We are the Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association of Florida,Incorporated® (VHPA)™.


The Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association of Florida,Inc.(VHPAF) is an organization for helicopter pilots and crew members who flew in Vietnam from 1961 - 1975.

There are four categories of membership: Regular, Associate, Heritage and Honorary.

Regular members are paid up members who flew as pilots from any branch of service in Vietnam from 1961 - 1975

Associate members are crew chiefs/gunners who flew in Vietnam from 1961 -1975

Heritage members can be the wives, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, grandchildren, nephews or nieces of an active voting member or a deceased member.
Only one Heritage member may join for each active or deceased member and the heritage member must be 18 years old or older. Honorary members are individuals who wish to affiliate with the VHPAF for fellowship and camaraderie. Honorary members must submit a letter requesting membership to an active officer in the organization
along with a completed membership application and a check. The board of directors will approve the application with the proper documentation.

Dues are: $15 for one year, $40 for three years and $150 for a life membership. fill out a membership application along with a check for the category desired. Mail the application in to us along with the appropriate documentation.
There are currently 467 paid up members consisting of 221 life members and 246 dues paying members.
The Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association of Florida support numerous events around the state of Florida. Any organization or event that supports veteran functions, parades, dedications, etc. can request our support.
The VHPAF can provide marchers/riders for parades, a static display OH-6 (LOACH) helicopter that flew in Vietnam and our Vietnam paraphernalia/museum display items.
Early requests for support with dates should be made at least 6 months in advance because of our many commitments that are scheduled.
Members are requested to support as many events as possible. We frequently need volunteers to set up, help out with sales and the museum display, march/ride in parades, answer questions about the LOACH, or take down displays after events.
Any time is highly appreciated and can be anything from a couple of hours to full days. We especially need lots of volunteers for the 10 days at Sun-N-Fun in lakeland, Fl and 10 days at the Veterans Welcome home in Melbourne.

Our Mailing Address

Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association of Florida, Inc.

P.O. Box 947718

Maitland, Florida 32794-7718

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